Welcome to our Shooting Lessons and Handgun Training Testimonials Area.

These are what our Handgun Training Students say about our Handgun, Shotgun and Rifle training Classes! With over 1000 students currently we can only put up a few of the great emails we get.

Wow! I just took the Basic Pistol Class 1 and had a great time! The instructor was great and the class taught me how to shoot the right way. I thought I knew a little about shooting a handgun but what I learned in the class is - it's about focus and learning the proper techniques. Thank you Gun Training San Antonio and thanks to Kevin Gentry my instructor for being patient with me!
John Wiseman~

After taking the class with Gun Training I feel I can protect my family and myself. I was really nervous going to the class but the instructor settled me down and made me feel comfortable. The things that were taught were easy to learn and I had a great time in the class. Hey! I know how to shoot now! Thanks Gun Training!
Jerry Hockman~

I wanted to write to you and let you know that I enjoyed the class and wanted to let everyone know what a great class this was! Not only was the class fun but I learned how to shoot the right way and the range was awesome! Although the instructor made me focus throughout the class I was happy with the results. Safety was stressed throughout the class and I learn more than just how to shoot! Thanks Gun Training!
Christine Miller~

Kevin, thanks for teaching me how to shoot today! Our group was very impressed with the professionalism of you and the range! Our entire group learned how to shoot safely and we feel like we learned years of training in the one class! Thanks!!
Mike Walters~

Dear Gun Training San Antonio, I want to thank you for the great one on one training I received yesterday. The class was worry free and the instruction was first rate. It helped me that there were not 15 people in the class I did not know which gave personal training and I believe it made me more comfortable and allowed the instructor to give me the personal attention a new shooter should have. Thanks Gun Training San Antonio!
Boerne, Texas

I had my doubts on whether or not I could learn how to shoot. I had never touched a gun before and was terrified! After spending 30 minutes in your class I was starting to be at ease! After the class was over I was so surprised that I was shooting and actually hitting the target! I recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn how to protect themselves the right way! Thanks Kevin
Rebbeca Wilson~

I was very impressed with professional training our family received from our family class the other day. I didn't think my two teenage girls could be trained with a handgun but they had a great time and we were surprised at all the techniques we learned. Thank You
The Vargas Family~

Wow I took the Defensive Class and had a great time and I wanted to thank Gun Training for the fantastic day of training! I didn't realize there was so much to learn. I can't wait to take the Advanced Class and learn even more! Thanks Kevin!
Jerry Fortane~