Welcome to our Handgun Class Instructors and Shooting Instruction Information Area.

At Gun Training San Antonio we hire only professional action shooters "period"! Our students are taught the latest shooting techniques in a private one on one setting . Our Shooting Lessons are easy to understand and our instructors are friendly and professional- Meet our Firearms Instructors below!

Kevin Gentry

Master Class USPSA/IPSC/IDPA Competition Shooting, Currently Captain of the Rudy Project Sunglasses USA Shooting Team - Captain of the largest competition shooting team in the world. 15 Years Firearms Instruction. US Army Rifle Expert Qualifications.

Don Hardy

Grand Master Class USPSA/IPSC competition shooter, Co-Captain of Rudy Projects USA Shooting Team. Certified NROI Range Officer


"I took the basic handgun class from Gun Training San Antonio and was was surprised at how much I learned in the class. I had never shot a gun before and when the class was completed, I was shooting great. Thank you Gun Training San Antonio! "
Virgina Wong

“Dear gun Training San Antonio, I wanted to thank you for a great handgun class! I enjoyed the private lessons and feel that I learned how to protect myself with a handgun. You guys made me feel comfortable and the class taught me allot!”

Cynthia Strumberg

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