Gun Training Classes by Gun Training San Antonio - Private classes are our hallmark! We hold our private classes 7 days a week made by appointment only. Private 1 on 1 training or your small group or family is the ideal enviornment for personalized firearms instruction. Book a class online or give us a call to discuus your training.

Defensive Handgun Classes at Gun Training San Antonio are unique! They are taught by pro action shooters and combat Marine veterans with years of Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun experience. We are the only Professional Sponsored Shooters giving Gun Training classes in San Antonio to the public with defensive handgun skilled instructors at this level. Our gun training classes are one on one PRIVATE training with you and the pro shooting instructor. We believe that this is the most comfortable way to properly learn the important knowledge of protecting yourself and your family with firearms. Do not put your life in the hands of a range workers or non pro shooters to instruct you on how to protect yourself with a handgun. Learn from a Professional Combat Handgun Instructor! Call us today to schedule your personal one on one Gun Training Class today! 210-842-1639

Basic Pistol Class 1 -
Designed for the first time shooter or shooter who wants to learn the correct way to shoot. Great for CHL certification and basic personal defense. The class focuses on Gun Laws, when and where legally you can have your firearm, when you can use your firearm in self defense, accuracy, grip, stance, reloading, sight alignment, trigger control, cleaning and safe storage, defensive shooting and what guns are best for you! We can schedule this class during your time frame and the ranges. This class is the first step in learning how to properly defend yourself - feel confident that you are secure in your ability to shoot well!

This classes are designed for persons holding concealed handgun licenses. This is a condensed version of the Defensive Tactical Pistol Classes to further your training. Some of the shooting skills that are taught are draw, Multiple target engagement, concealed garment draw, shooting on the move, shooting from cover, use of cover, reloading your weapon on the move and many other defensive techniques you will need but hopefully never use as a Texas Concealed Carry license holder.

Tactical Pistol Class -
Our tactical pistol training classes are designed for Law Enforcement - Military - Contractors only - You will learn shooting on the move, kneeling, multiple fire, reloading on the move, use of cover, tactical sequences, tactical order, gun fighting 101. This gun training and tactical class is 12 hours and two days of training. A certificate is issued after the class to show completion of this very intense gun training class.

Advanced Pistol Class 1 -
The advanced pistol class covers advanced shooting skills such as - Drawing from a holster, advanced shooting on the move while taking cover, multiple target engagement, shooting moving targets, strong hand and weak hand shooting, reloading from the belt and many other advanced techniques to protect yourself! You must have completed Basic Pistol 1 and Defensive Pistol 1 to take this course unless you are a current competition shooter.

Shotgun Instruction Classes 1 -
Our Shotgun classes are designed to learn how to shoot, load and clean shotguns. Semi-auto and pump shotguns are covered in the class. Defensive techniques, hunting, and overall shooting of a shotgun is covered in this class. If you want to learn how to shoot a shotgun the right way, contact us to schedule a shotgun class!

Rifle Training Class - (AR-15) and others 1 -
Our rifle training course teaches all aspects of rifle shooting, cleaning, sight alignment, breathing control sighting in, trigger control and many other features to shooting rifles! Great for kids and adults. If you are interested in learning combat style rifle shooting let the instructor know when you schedule the class and we will gladly provide the combat style shooting class!

Competition Pistol Classes -
Our Competition pistol courses are designed for competition shooters only . This is USPSA or IDPA type shooting only. All courses are custom designed for each shooters level at the time of scheduling. If you want to move up in class or improve your competition shooting skills - these are the classes you should take! Call us for details on this great course. Courses include Comp 1-4.


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