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Firearms Instructor

Questions you might have.

Do I need a handgun to take the class?
No, you do not need a handgun to take the class. We can provide you with a handgun for the class and give you instruction as to what handgun will be best for you after the class. The range has a gun store and we stock instructor recommended firearms for our students.


How much ammunition will I need for the class?

All classes require a minimum of 100 - 400 rounds of ammo depending on the class. The advanced and competition require more but when you schedule the class we will let you know how much you will need. The range carries most types of ammo and you can purchase it there.

How much are the classes?
Our Purchase page has our prices. Group discounts are available.

 How can I schedule a class with Handgun Training San Antonio?
Email us or call us and we can schedule you a private class! All classes must be paid in advance when scheduling and we take all credit cards. Just give us a call and we will get you ready for the class!

Where is the range where we hold our classes?
We hold classes at Bullet Hole Range. This is a great location to hold private classes. Covered and lighted shooting areas to keep the sun an darkness away. Open until 8PM and located on 1604 near Portranco gives our range easy access shooting!

What do I need to bring to the class?
You will need to bring your weapon if you own one, 150 rounds unless told you need more when you schedule the classes, at least one magazine if you are shooting a autoloader - that is it!

What do you provide as part of your class?
We provide the targets, range to hold the class, classroom, hearing protection, handgun if needed, eye protection if needed. That is all you will need to take our courses!

How long is the class?
Our Basic Pistol Class is 2-3 hours long depending on number of students. Our Home Protection Classes are 4-5 hours long depending number of students. The advanced and competition courses are 4-5 hours long. 

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