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Competition Classes

Competition is fun and exciting! Learn from professional Masters all aspects of competition shooting and practical shooting. Three classes are given in which each student will learn advanced skill sets in gun handling, shooting on the move, reloading and drawing your handgun. Each student will shoot a match with our instructor to get comfortable in shooting local matches and will be taught as aspects of safely competing at high levels.   


Competition Class 1 - 3

The student will have 3 hours of classroom with the instructor in class 1. Class 2- 3 students will train on the range with 350 rounds per class minimum. Some of the skill sets covered are: 

  • Safety and Gun Handling

  • Scoring, Classification and General Range Procedures

  • Equipment, Clothing, Range bags and what to have in your range bag

  • Courses of fire and how to analyze and break down stages

  • Divisions and the rules of each with top choices for competition guns

  • Draw, Reloads, Shooting on the move, footwork, accuracy, recoil management

  • Ammunition and power factor rules explained

This is small list of the areas we cover. Purchase the competition set and call us to schedule your classes. We look forward to training you into a great shooter!

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