One-on-One Handgun Instruction

Personal one on one training with just you and our Master instructor. Having a professional corporate sponsored competition tour shooter teaching you is a huge advantage. You will learn the best techniques used by the Pros' to protect you and your family against home invasion and other threats to your safety. Patience is key to your development and we have your back. 

Family Gun Safety Classes

Gun Training San Antonio has trained DEA, ATF, Government Contractors, US Military and Security Forces from around the world. We also train Families to protect themselves and develop action plans for home gun safety. Our gun safety classes are top notch and your family will learn the latest safety skill sets.



Couples Basic Gun Instruction

This class is designed to train people together with their significant other in unison. Each plays a role in home protection and safety. We will train you to work as a team against any threat.


Gun Training San Antonio has your back


Our gun classes, shooting classes, firearms, raining and shooting lessons are taught by professional sponsored action shooters.

First step to learning self defense (First time Shooters)

Basic Handgun and Safety Class - Beginner (Personal Private Class) Ladies Only Available

A good foundation is key to the success of each student. In this class we cover.

  • Firearms Safety

  • Firearms Included if student does not have one

  • Cleaning and Storage

  • Texas Gun Laws

  • Home Security

  • Personal Security

  • What guns are a good fit for you

  • The basics of shooting

  • Accuracy

  • Situation awareness

  • Home security plan 


Second steps to learning self defense

HOME PROTECTION CLASSES 1-2-3 (Personal Private Class) Inside the Home - 

Ladies Only Available

Learning the skill sets to properly defend your family and yourself inside your home.

  • Multiple Threat Engagement

  • Transitions

  • Disruption of focus 

  • Close Quarter 

  • Shooting without your sights

  • Long Distance

  • Proper use of concealment

  • Proper use of cover

  • Shooting on the move

  • Strong hand weak hand shooting

  • Reloading your weapon


Final Step to complete self defense skill set

ADVANCED PISTOL CLASS 1-3 (Personal Private Class) Outside the home

Designed for outside the home, you as a student will learn the following needed skill sets.

  • Multiple Threat Engagement on the move

  • Transitions on the move

  • Drawing from holsters 

  • Kneeling and prone positions 

  • Up to 4o Yard engagement of threats

  • Self defense movement using available cover and concealment

  • Reloading on the move

  • Focus of body movement

  • Threat assessments

  • Communication under stress


Rifle Class (Self Defense or Hunting)

Students choice of either Rifle Self Defense or Hunting based on their needs. Here are some of the skill sets taught.

  • Safety

  • Proper handling of firearm

  • Cleaning and Storage

  • Sighting in their rifle

  • Use of Optics

  • Positions - Standing Kneeling and prone

  • Use of hold of available structure

  • Shooting on the move

  • Long distance shooting up to 300 yards

  • Ballistics and ammunition

  • Recoil mangement 


Shotgun Class (Self Defense or Hunting)

Students choice of either self defense or hunting. Here are some of the skill sets taught.

  • Proper Handling

  • Safety

  • Stance and Movement

  • Shooting on the Move

  • Postion shooting Standing kneeling and prone

  • Ammunition situation choices

  • Recoil Management


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