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Designed for the first time shooter or shooter who wants to learn the correct way to shoot. Great for CHL certification and basic personal defense. The class focuses on Gun Laws, when and where legally you can have your firearm, when you can use your firearm in self defense, accuracy, grip, stance, reloading, sight alignment, trigger control, cleaning and safe storage, defensive shooting and what guns are best for you! We can schedule this class during your time frame and the ranges. This class is the first step in learning how to properly defend yourself - feel confident that you are secure in your ability to shoot well!

Basic-Beginner Handgun Class

SKU: 364215376135191
  • United States Practical Shooting Open division Master. Owner of the largest professional competition shooting team (200 Shooters Nationwide). 35 Years high level shooting experience in Rifle Competition, Handgun and Shotgun. US Army. State Corrections.

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